THE Florida State Seminoles swept Stanford and are headed to the College World Series in Omaha!


We’re going to Omaha!  Go Noles!


FSU defeats Stanford 17-1 in game 1 of the Super Regionals!!! :D one more win tomorrow night and they’re off to Omaha!!


Look for me on espn #fsu #baseball (Taken with Instagram)


Can’t wait for tomorrow! GO NOLES!!

Dick Howser Stadium


During the past three days, I have spent more time at the baseball stadium than at home.

Pretty sure I accidentally walked right in front of an (on-air) ESPN camera on Sunday. Oops.

Despite an incident from tonight that made me realize that I need to develop thicker skin, it has been fun shooting baseball.  


Thank you, FSU Baseball. You have shown every single person at Florida State how to be a true Seminole. The poise, class, dignity, and love you have shown to your teammates, coaches, fans, and the game of baseball should be an inspiration to every single Seminole fan. The memories I have made watching baseball games at Dick Howser stadium will mean more to me than you will ever know. 

FSU baseball sinks UF….again

No.8 FSU beats No.4 UF 3-1.
That makes us 3-1 this season against Florida.


Mike McGee. Love.

Top 25 for 2011.