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BREAKING: Committee Composed Largely of White Conservative Men Appoints Conservative Politician to Presidency of Florida State


FSU trustees just voted 11-2 to appoint conservative State Sen. John Thrasher to the presidency of the university.

Good luck, guys.


Florida State University’s Board of Trustees just voted a career politician, who not only has been charged with corruption, but also denies evolution and climate change, as the next President of The Florida State University.

Please, join me in a moment of silence for higher education.


Cool panorama picture I took last night at the game!

But you really need to click this.


Fireworks after FSU’s first home game lookin like Harry Potter spells n shit


ESPN ran this wonderful interactive spread about the evolution of the Florida State helmet. So I decide it to make it a GIF. Enjoy.

Evolution of The Seminoles

Since the start of Florida State’s football program 67 years ago, the Seminoles have sported more than 20 styles of helmets, among the most in the NCAA. They’ve included leather headgear, hand-me-downs from the University of Tampa and a black “warrior” one-off. The tomahawk has appeared on most of them, but the golden, spear-clad design, created by former head coach Bobby Bowden, still endures-it’s going into its 38th straight season.


All credit to ESPN Magazine.


Florida State QB Jameis Winston vaults over his teammate during the Seminoles’ 37-31 win over Oklahoma State.


Because if you didn’t take a picture of your school’s iconic landmarks, you never really went there. #fsu #floridastate #tallahassee #college

Revamped Loyalty Point System Will Reward Students for Defecating on Anything UF Related



Following last year’s highly controversial system for obtaining student tickets, Florida State University announced today a complete overhaul of the Loyalty Points program.  

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Freshman Disappointed to Discover Sorority Rush Week Nothing Like Porn Videos He Watched



Incoming freshmen Spencer Greene spent his first night on campus disappointed and confused after quickly realizing that the college experience is nothing like how it is portrayed on Pornhub. “I’ve been preparing for my first night in college for years by watching these videos. But now I’m starting to realize that maybe the college girls I’ve seen online aren’t necessarily similar to girls that actually go to college.”

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Clear blue & beautiful-love our campus! by mafegmail http://instagram.com/p/r7HKReHfhl/

Jameis Winston Humping a Dummy